Sovereign Shopping Centre, High Street, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1HL

Social Responsibility

The Centre takes its responsibilities to society in general seriously and also considers how its actions may impact upon those both visiting and working in the Centre.

Health, Safety and Environmental Information

Environmental Information

The Sovereign Shopping Centre considers the impact its operations may have on the wider environment and good environmental practices are promoted through its Health, Safety & Environmental Committee. The committee is made up of members of the Centre management team, Centre employees and occupier’s representatives.

The Centre, which is an ISO14001:2004 accredited property, and has introduced a number of environmental initiatives over the years, some of which are listed below:


Reduced electricity consumption by installing a voltage optimisation unit, low energy light fittings, timers, photocells and reviewed the way the Centre manages some of its operations. Consumption in 2016 was the lowest since the Centre opened in 1992.

Download the Sovereign Shopping Centre EPC Document


Reduced treated water consumption by installing a rainwater harvesting system to flush the public toilets.


Reduced the amount of refuse sent to landfill to zero by recycling its waste including cardboard, polythene, paper, glass, wood and metals. In 2015 the Centre recycled or sent for recovery 96% of its waste thus ensuring that 196 tons of waste did not go to landfill.


In October 2007 the Centre installed a paperless car parking system that replaced the half a million paper parking tickets used each year by drivers. In the last nine years that’s over four and a half million paper tickets saved!

Travel to Work

Through the promotion of it’s ‘Travel Plan’ reduced the number of car journeys through the promotion of cycling to work for Centre employees.

Hazardous Chemicals

Reviewed the range of cleaning agents used and introduced more environmentally friendly products to minimize the impact on the environment.


Reducing our Impact on Climate Change

The Centre’s investment in a ‘voltage optimisation’ unit is delivering significant savings in electricity. Since its installation electricity consumption has been reduced by 12% which equate to a projected annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions of 29,000kg.

The box of tricks, which works by regulating the supply of electricity, ensures that existing plant and equipment works more efficiently and lengthens its working life expectancy in addition to delivering cost savings for the occupiers of the Centre.

Pictured with the unit are technicians Alan Smith and Mike Davies who installed the equipment along with former Operations Manager – Peter Smith.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management

The Centre also considers of the utmost importance the health and safety of those both visiting and working at the Sovereign Shopping Centre. Good health and safety practices are promoted through the Centre’s Health, Safety & Environmental Committee, which is made up of members of the Centre management team, Centre employees and occupier’s representatives.

Occupiers Award Scheme

To further promote good practices the Centre has an Occupiers ‘Health, Safety & Environmental Award’ scheme in which shop units are inspected regularly so as to ensure compliance with legislation and good practice.

Winners of the 2016 Health, Safety & Environmental Award Scheme are:

  • Winner – Large Shop Unit Category – Blue Inc
  • Winner – Small Shop Unit Category – Warren James

Health & Safety Award Winners

Pictured with Nick Cooke, Sovereign Shopping Centre Manager (centre) are the 2016 award winners Jason Chilcot of Blue Inc (left) and Chloe Williams of Warren James (right).

In addition to their framed certificates shop staff shared prizes totalling £375 worth of shopping vouchers.